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Choose the right contractor that best meets your expectations. We offer customer satisfaction and have 18+ years in painting in residential and commercial projects, including interior and exterior painting along with cabinets and staining. Attention to detail is a must!

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New life for your cabinets, whether a small home project or a major home cabinetry renovation!

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  • Custom Choice Painting stained our front porch pavilion and we are so very impressed! Henry and his crew are top notch. Very professional, knowledgeable and hard-working. They were meticulous, clean and put in very long hours to get the job done. Our pavilion is absolutely gorgeous! We highly recommend Henry Yodsing/Custom Choice Painting!

  • First, I would like to comment on the professionalism of Henry and his staff. They are absolutely wonderful. I would recommend Henry and the fine folks that work for him to anyone.

  • Truly a delight to work with, personable and professional. Jeff and Josh went above and beyond to insure that our refinished/painted cabinets were of the highest quality. The work surpassed our expectations and made the project an exceptional value.

  • Best Painter in the Four States! Good, Fast and great quality!

  • The first thing I noticed about Henry of Custom Choice Painting was that he had an eye for detail and saw what others missed. He did a fantastic job fixing damage around my home that ranged from unusual paint issues (like a layer of paint that looked good, but wasn’t actually stuck to the paint underneath—so weird after all these years) to damage from carpenter ants (which were hiding behind the gutters). These issues and others were not “visible” in an obvious manner, so other painters did not see these issues. I had only started to paint the house because roofers had damaged some siding (which I praise the Lord for or I wouldn’t have met Henry and gotten all the problems taken care of professionally). Henry always informed us of what was going on and showed us before, during, and after pictures of the work as it progressed. While Henry did some of the repair work, he also teamed up with Jeffrey of Jazzy Construction. Both of them would discuss with me anything unusual that came up and suggested alternative methods to fix things, which I really appreciated. They also really coordinated with each other to get things done. So, he didn’t come in with the “cheapest” bid, but it was the most accurate for what had to be done. The other painters either didn’t recognize the problems, would have thrown a “bandaid” over the issues, or gotten into the job and then charged me a lot more. So I’m grateful for Henry (and Jeffery) for their honesty and quality of work and willingness to go the extra mile (they went out of their way to locate the cedar wood for the house trim and saved money in the process).  I not only recommend them to others, but I’ll definitely call them back if I have any other painting/repair issues in the future. This time I got what I paid for and more—the house looks fabulous, and I know it is sound!

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